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day of learning THE route : )

sunny 28 °C

I didn't do a whole lot today. I learned the route from home to school and the return trip later in the afternoon : ) We'll see how I do on Monday. For today, the class of 'level one' just walked through downtown and had lunch in the central mall.

After class, my 'Mom' came to help me find my way home. As a side note, it is very common to call your host family according to the family names, such as Dad and Mom : ) I don't always understand them, but my host Mom is always telling me "They thought you, were really cute!" It's funny because I am NOT that good looking. I'm pretty sure it's just the height I have. I tower over every single person I see on the street. I am used to being tall, but down here in Chile, the tallest guy I have seen barley comes to my shoulder. It's nice because even when it was crowded and people were packed around each other, the crowd parts like the Red Sea : ) I have experienced the same thing in the states but down here I seem to notice it even more ; )

The weather is awesome!! A constant eighty degrees. According to wikipedia, the elevation of Santiago is 1,700 ft above the sea. That's a thousand feet lower than Boise and like I said, according to wikipedia : ) Another thing I enjoy is the lack of insects. I mean the occasional bee will fly around, but my window and door are open all day and the only thing I have to worry about is the dog leaving a surprise. So I do leave the door barley closed when I'm not here, with the window wide open all day/night : )

The food is good, just different to me. The fridge they do have is just a little cooler than the ambient temperature. The milk is warm, but that's fine because I can drink a gallon a day without much effort. Here in Chile they use the liquid milk in a box, I have seen it in the 'tree hugger' section of the grocery store in the US. The family has a small fridge, I believe because of the power cost and usage. I do my part and just use my computer to charge the battery and leave it unplugged until a warning message comes on. The same is true with my toothbrush. I'm proud to say that is very similar to my routine at home in the states, so it's not a huge change : )

With the weekend tomorrow, I will try and buy just a few more clothes ; ) I brought down two pairs of shorts and three shirts. I can't wear them, ALL the time. My intention was to bring just a few items of clothing and enough boxers for a week. I'm fine with underwear, I just need shirts. But this learning excursion is to be started on a budget and that's how it will be done : ) I somehow managed to bring three pairs of pants though, not sure if it was late at night when I originally packed *shrug*

The whole population functions very late into the night. A girl we met on the first day, told us how she stayed out until four in the morning. It's the same with all of them. I went to bed last night around one am and got up at seven. Maria, the host Mom couldn't believe I got up that early : )

Off to eat another dinner, we'll see if today is different. Yesterday was the same as the day before : ) NOT complaining though ; )

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What an exciting adventure! I'm so glad you are doing this. I like your writing. It's funny descriptive and not afraid to say things as they are. I'll be keeping track of you through my blogger account.
Hey, I heard 5 white Bengal tiger cubs were born in Chile recently. I think it was in Santiago. Check it into it.
I'm proud of you buddy!

by benjinds

I hope you are having the most fabulous time...and I'm so glad you didn't let anything or anyone stand in your way. Life should always be an adventure and you should be in charge of where that adventure takes you. I'm working on rounding up some money with hopes of being able to come visit you. Be safe and I love you!

by cosmicfun


Yeah I'm glad I am here to!! I didn't tell any family what I was doing until I was in Miami!! : p It wasn't the honest way to do it, yet my Mom still has guardianship over me and she could have dashed my hopes so easy. She is so is powerless when when over a thousand miles away ; )

I will have to look into the Panthera tigris bengalensis (mammalogy coming through!) after the hostel this weekend. Thanks for thinking of me ; )

Hope life in AK is still a blast! I might be able to make it up this summer, but don't plan on it. You know how life is : ) I have a feeling you have another child on the way, am I wrong? ; )

later good friend : D

by kneedrager


So far it has been worlds better than I originally hoped. Plus it has no signs of changing!! I might have to move down here with my dogs!! ; ) If you come visit, that would mean I would HAVE to visit on your next excursion and this one is tight enough as it is. I won't have more money as I get farther past 30! For money, sell Trav's new dog. If he pays $1,200 bucks, I would think you can easily get half that on the black market : o About my Mom etc., and the trip, all I can say is 'no te preocupes' ; )

see you at the very latest,later this summer : ) *hugs*

by kneedrager

Eric! Great to see your blog. I'll be anxious to keep up with your adventure electronically, so keep the entries and photos coming!

by mlyngholm

will do Mickey ; )

by kneedrager

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