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first day of class : )

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I spent the last few days just learning the neighborhood and such areas. Snafu is a perfect acronym for the trip, before and after less than a week into this adventure. If snafu is not familiar to you, just Wikipedia, or even Google it ; ) Both will define the term accurately ( : Those two tools are fairly accurate for just about any college student arsenal. Everyone can be a genius while on-line ; ) This weekend flew by like they always seem to. I didn’t accomplish a whole lot, besides knocking a few chapters out of the book I’m reading.

Today I started my first official day of class. The class is taught entirely in español. It was definitely a challenge. I did ok. I took Spanish in high school, which was like over 10 years ago!! And my memory hasn’t gotten ANY better ; ) But I will keep at it and we’ll see where I end up. All I can do is try, right?

After class I walked around with Robin and Evan, two kids in the USAC program with me. It was cool. We all fit the tourist profile really well. Cameras in hand, clicking pictures every few moments : ) You could probably spot us like water in the desert. Towards the end of the little excursion we met a guy who was warning us about pick pocketers. I have a little story, actually two : ) Maria, my host Mom was picked this weekend. She lost her ID and her bip card from her purse. Elections are this weekend and it took Maria waiting 4 hours to get through the lone this afternoon, and she might still not get it in time : )The bip card is what is used to travel on the subway system in Santiago, called the metro. I have never ridden on any kind of underground rail system before. It’s pretty cool. Not sure of the numbers who ride every day, but at around ~.60 per ride/every two hours, and a population of 4.7 million. If everyone rode enough to be billed twice in one day, that’s over 560 million per day!! I know that never happens per say, with all the different situations, different routes of transportation, etc., but that number is still crazy. At least for a guy like me from Idaho, where the state population just reached 1.5 million : )

Back to my second story : ) I think someone got into my backpack this morning. The metro was pretty packed at 9, during the trip I felt the usual movement in a tightly packed subway car. After a few stops the car emptied. I noticed a little girl with I assume, her Mom. She was staring at me with these big, wide eyes. She was constantly looking like she didn’t know what to think. I thought it was kind of odd, but I kept going on my way. After I got to school I took my pack off and noticed the middle pocket wide open. I purposefully do not carry anything in my pack, nothing that can’t be replaced anyway. Let me restate that, things that can be replaced cheaply : )I’m pretty sure there was nothing there, apparently someone needed it more than I did. Is what’s really insane, right now is S. American’s summer holiday. School starts back up, in March. I can see myself wanting to leave like Speedy Gonzales. Arriba, arriba . . . . arriba : o lol

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Great adventure stories. Keep 'em coming! Mickey

by mlyngholm

Eric, Chile sounds like a totally awesome place.
Glad to hear you made it and that you are having such a great time. Hopefully you can post some pictures while you are there. this blog is pretty cool. Kind of the same deal Jen had when she went to africa. if i ever get skype hooked up and figure out how to use it you should try to find access to it and we could talk. I am not mad, but was dissappointed that you put Jenny in a position to not tell Colleen and I, and that you didn't tell us the truth. Colleen and I would have looked into the program and if it was a credible deal - as it seems to be - we would have helped visit with Loretta to get her comfortable with your going. I am sure Larry would have been willing to help do that as well. Any I am glad you made it, really enjoyed reading the blog and will keep up with it each day. have a great time and a great experience while you are there. Do you know exactly when you are coming home.

by ttracy222

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